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Fernández’s second term Economic strains

The 2013 mid-term elections

Argentina: The 2013 mid-term elections

As expected, the FPV and its allies failed to secure a large enough majority in either house to make constitutional amendments in the mid-term elections of October 2013. However, the ruling faction did increase its majority in the Chamber of Deputies and, although its senatorial representation fell, the FPV and its allies still held 40 of the 72 seats. The UCR, allied with the FAP and other centre-left partners, held 54 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 19 seats in the Senate following the elections. The dissident Peronist Frente Renovador (FR) performed well in the electorally important Buenos Aires province, attracting almost 44% of all votes cast. Although the support did not translate into congressional seats for the FR (dissident Peronist factions held 37 lower house seats and seven upper house seats), it left its leader Sergio Massa well-placed for the Peronist presidential nomination in 2015.

Citation: The 2013 mid-term elections (Argentina), in Europa World online. London, Routledge. Retrieved 23 February 2020 from

Fernández’s second term Economic strains

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