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The death of Alberto Nisman Macri in power

The 2015 elections

Argentina: The 2015 elections

In advance of the presidential and legislative elections scheduled to be held in October, in March 2015 the UCR aligned itself with the main opposition grouping of the Coalición Cívica and the Propuesta Republicana (PRO), although leaders of all three parties contested the upcoming open, simultaneous and compulsory primary elections (PASO) in August. The mayor of Buenos Aires and PRO leader, Mauricio Macri, emerged victorious from this ballot and was confirmed as Cambiemos’s presidential nominee. Within the PJ dissident Peronist Sergio Massa, leader of the FR faction, had been favourite to secure the party nomination, although Daniel Scioli, Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires and a member of the FPV, polled the most votes overall in the August PASO. Massa subsequently formed an alliance, Unidos por una Nueva Alternativa (UNA), with fellow Peronist dissident José de la Sota. In the first round of the election proper, on 25 October, Scioli performed best again, winning 36.9% of the valid votes cast, although this was not enough to secure a first round victory. Macri came second, with 34.3% of the valid vote, while Massa trailed in third place with 21.3% of the ballot. In the run-off ballot on 22 November, Macri emerged victorious, attracting 51.4% of the vote compared to Scioli’s 48.6%. Macri had benefited from Massa’s tacit approval, although the dissident Peronist had stopped short of outright endorsement. The election result brought to an end 16 years of Peronist rule.

The PJ performed better in congressional elections, also held on 25 October 2015. Following the vote, the FPV and its allies controlled 103 seats while the new President could count on the support of 93 deputies (including Cambiemos allies), far short of the majority needed to advance the new Government’s legislative agenda. Similarly, in the Senate the FPV retained control with 40 seats, while Cambiemos commanded 15. However, in February 2016 12 deputies left the FPV bloc to sit as dissident Peronists.

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The death of Alberto Nisman Macri in power

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