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Daniel Llambías Carlota Evelina Durst

Banco Industrial

cap. = capital; res = reserves; dep. = deposits; m. = million; br(s) = branch(es); amounts in nuevos pesos argentinos

San Martín 549, Azul 7300, Buenos Aires
Tel: (2281) 431779
Founded 1971;

cap. 172.7m., res 100.3m., dep. 2,549.2m. (Dec. 2011)

Pres. Carlota Evelina Durst.

Gen. Man. Luis Lara.

30 brs

Citation: Banco Industrial (Argentina), in Europa World online. London, Routledge. Retrieved 21 August 2014 from

Daniel Llambías Carlota Evelina Durst

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