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Alejandra Gils Carbó Brig.-Gen. Bari del Valle Sosa


Argentina: Defence

As assessed at November 2016, Argentina’s armed forces numbered an estimated 74,400: army 42,800, navy 18,500 (including naval air force), air force 12,900. There were also paramilitary forces numbering 31,250. There is a professional (voluntary) military service.

Defence Budget: 94,000m. new pesos in 2017.
Head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces: Brig.-Gen. Bari del Valle Sosa.
Chief of Staff (Army): Brig.-Gen. Diego Luis Suñer.
Chief of Staff (Air Force): Brig. Enrique Víctor Amrein.

Citation: Defence (Argentina), in Europa World online. London, Routledge. Retrieved 18 December 2017 from

Alejandra Gils Carbó Brig.-Gen. Bari del Valle Sosa

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