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The Death of Alberto Nisman

Argentina: The Death of Alberto Nisman

In early 2013 Argentina reached agreement with Iran on the establishment of a commission to investigate the 1994 bombing of a Jewish cultural centre in Buenos Aires in which 85 people were killed. Iran had been suspected of involvement in the atrocity. Little progress had been made in the investigation by January 2015 when the chief prosecutor in the case, Alberto Nisman, accused President Fernández of collaborating with Iran to exonerate Iranian nationals in exchange for improved trade relations. The Government dismissed the claims. Then, in mid-January, the day before he was scheduled to attend a congressional hearing on the case, Nisman was found shot dead in his home. Initial reports indicated that he had committed suicide, but his death prompted anti-Government protests, including a so-called March of Silence in the following month. On 26 January President Fernández announced her intention to dissolve the intelligence service, which had been criticized regularly for its lack of transparency. Members of the intelligence service had allegedly given Nisman information related to the case against the Government.

The prosecutor who took over from Nisman, Gerardo Pollicita, in February 2015 resubmitted the obstruction of justice charges against the Government, but these were thrown out by a federal court; the charges were again dismissed by an appeals court in March. In January 2016 Macri ordered that all files in connection with the case be made public. The judge presiding over the inquiry into the prosecutor’s death referred the case to a higher federal court in March. A report published in September 2017 concluded that Nisman had been murdered.

In February 2019 a court cleared Carlos Menem, the then President, of involvement in a cover up of the 1994 bombing; however, the same court gaoled the judge who led the investigation into the killings, after he was found guilty of concealing evidence.

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