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Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Juan Luis Manzur


Argentina: Cabinet

(January 2022)

The Cabinet is composed of members of the Frente de Todos alliance.

Cabinet Chief: Juan Luis Manzur.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship: Santiago Andrés Cafiero.
Minister of Defence: Jorge Taiana.
Minister of Justice and Human Rights: Martín Soria.
Minister of Security: Aníbal Fernández.
Minister of Health: Carla Vizzotti.
Minister of Social Development: Juan Zabaleta.
Minister of the Interior: Eduardo (Wado) Enrique de Pedro.
Minister of Economy: Martín Maximiliano Guzmán.
Minister of Productive Development: Matías Sebastián Kulfas.
Minister of Public Works: Gabriel Nicolás Katopodis.
Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security: Claudio Omar Moroni.
Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development: Juan Cabandié Alfonsín.
Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing: Julián Domínguez.
Minister of Transport: Alexis Guerrera.
Minister of Education: Jaime Perzyck.
Minister of Culture: Tristán Bauer.
Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation: Daniel Filmus.
Minister of Territorial Development and Housing: Jorge Horacio Ferraresi.
Minister of Tourism and Sports: Matías Daniel Lammens Núñez.
Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity: Elizabeth Victoria Gómez Alcorta.
Secretary of Strategic Affairs: Gustavo Osvaldo Béliz.
Legal and Technical Secretary: Vilma Lidia Ibarra.
Secretary-General to the Presidency: Julio Fernando Vitobello.
Press Secretary: Juan Ross.

Citation: Cabinet (Argentina), in Europa World online. London, Routledge. Retrieved 23 January 2022 from

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner Juan Luis Manzur

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