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President and Legislature Congress


Argentina: President

Election, 27 October 2019

Candidates  Votes  % of valid votes cast 
Alberto Fernández (Frente de Todos)  12,946,037  48.24 
Mauricio Macri (Juntos por el Cambio)  10,811,586  40.28 
Roberto Lavagna (Consenso Federal)  1,649,322  6.14 
Nicolás del Caño (FIT Unidad)  579,228  2.16 
Juan José Gómez Centurión (Frente Nos)  457,956  1.71 
José Luis Espert (Frente Despertar)  394,207  1.47 
Total valid votes*  26,838,336  100.00 
* In addition, there were 434,379 blank and 252,388 spoiled ballots.

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President and Legislature Congress

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