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What is Europa World Plus?

Europa World Plus encompasses ten main product components. The ten products correspond to The Europa World Year Book and the nine volumes in the Europa Regional Surveys of the World series. Subscriptions are available to any combination of these products. Europa World Plus is the name for any subscription that includes at least one Regional Survey.

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When is Europa World Plus updated?

Government changes, election results, and other major political and diplomatic appointments are monitored on an ongoing basis, and are added to the site as soon as information has been verified by Europa's experienced editorial team. All other Statistical and Directory information for all countries and territories is thoroughly updated at least twice a year.

Country and territory Profiles are extensively updated annually, as is content from the Europa Regional Surveys of the World. Frequent revisions of key demographic, economic and political indicators enhance the currency of this prestigious reference resource.

International Organizations coverage is updated throughout the year.

The Recent Events feature on the Home page is reviewed on a daily basis.


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